[Pour info] Appel à candidatures de National Dong Hwa University (bourse de la langue chinois "EU-TW Scholarship")

Date d'affichage:2022-03-31

Dépôt candidatures : avant 15/4/2022

We are very pleased to inform that NDHU got a financial aid from the Taiwan Government. We are able to offer a scholarship for your students who participate in our exchange program for this fall semester (2022/09 – 2023/01).

The EU-TW scholarship is a monthly stipend of NTD 22,500, which would be granted from September 2022 to December 2022 (4 months in total).

During the stay at NDHU, the scholarship recipients are requested to :

l Take ONE term of Chinese seasonal course (Fall term, 12 weeks) –

One of the purpose of this scholarship is to promote Chinese language program in Taiwan. Our Chinese Language Center will organize the language class according to your students’ level.

l Join “Hands Together” Activities TWO times

the Hands Together activities are held for the local elementary and junior high school students, in which the foreign students will lead the local students to learn more about other countries, cultures, languages, and so on.

All scholarship recipients will be responsible for all expenses at NDHU, including:

l Tuition Fee: Chinese Seasonal Course NTD 36,000 / term

l Accommodation fee: NTD 10,000 per semester

l Quarantine Fee ( if any )

l Books, meals, transportation and other personal and medical expenses.

Most importantly, because of the COVID-19, non-degree students are not allowed to enter Taiwan yet, but the MOFA Taiwan opens “special entry permit” for these scholarship recipients expecting to visit Taiwan for short-term studies.

Since the scholarship quota is limited, please kindly Email the nominees’ FULL NAME, E-mail Address, Nationality, Gender, School Name to before April 15 (or as soon as possible). We will then guide the students to the following procedure.