Offre de formation: International BA, MA and Ph.D degree Programe, Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, NATIONAL DONG HWA UNIVERSITY

Date d'affichage:2017-04-19

National Dong Hwa University- International Bachelor, Master and Ph.D degree Programe of the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering

Currently, the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering has 60+ international students from 20+ countries, and the University has over 600+ international students from 48 countries on campus.  Nearly 50% of students are under various scholarships (such as Taiwan MOFA, Taiwan MOE, ESIT, NDHU, ... scholarships).

This department emphasis both researches and hands-on experiences, with the high quality of perfessors' performances and the great overall output. The Unviersity is very proud of the poetic campus, the superior living environment, and the delicate assistances for their students.

Please check introduction of the university:

In addition, there's a Chinese Language Center on campus, which can accept Taiwan MOFA/MOE scholarship awardees and any International Students for Chinese Language Requirement. The center offers intensive Chinese language classes, which can make students to pass Level-2 even Level-3 TOCFL exam requirement within 1 year. Here is the headline news from the past students to prove:,r2390-1.php

National Dong Hwa University and the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering is now accepting 2017 Fall Admission.

The online-application page of NDHU is here: The First Action was due March 31, 2017.  Now we are on the Second Action, which will be due by April 30, 2017.

Please Note:

1. NDHU NEVER authorize any agencies or overseas study centers to deal with application and admission.

2. NDHU will NOT charge any application fees.


Gena Wu

Dept of Computer Science & Information Engineering

National Dong Hwa University

Tel: +886-3-863-4014