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The Terms of Agreement Ministry of Education

Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program (HES)

1. I have read, understood and agreed to the information and terms regarding the Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program, which has been awarded to me by the Republic of China (Taiwan). I also declare that the information that I have provided to the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand and accept the condition that if I violate any of the terms associated with this scholarship, I will immediately be dismissed from this program. (本人已閱讀、瞭解並且同意有關教育部華語文獎學金計畫之資料與規定,本人承諾在本人獎學金申請書所提供之資料全部屬實。本人瞭解並同意,如有任何違反獎學金規定之情事,則本人參與此項獎學金計畫之資格將被立即取消)

2. “The Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program” Terms of Agreement (教育部華語文獎學金承諾書):

  • a. I will maintain the required academic grade and attendance standards as set by the Ministry of Education. If I fail to do this, I understand that the scholarship will be suspended or revoked. (本人之學業成績及出勤應達到本獎學金作業要點規定之標準,否則依該要點停發或註銷本獎學金)
  • b. If I commit criminal offences/misdemeanors, such as engaging in illegal employment, I will be dismissed from the program of study and from receiving the scholarship. (如本人有觸犯法律與行為失當,如非法打工等情事時,則本人之受獎資格將被註銷)
  • c. I agree to abide by the laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan), during my stay in Taiwan. (本人在中華民國停留期間,願遵守中華民國之法律)
  • d. I will cover all the expenses which exceed the amount granted by the scholarship. (所有超出獎學金額度以外之費用,一概由本人負擔)
  • e. I understand that if my award periods are 9 months or longer, I must submit a TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language; at least the „Learner‟ level) score transcripts to the institutions where I am studying within my award period. If I fail to do so, I will lose one month's stipend. I have to pay the TOCFL application fees myself. (本人瞭解如受獎期限於9個月以上者,應於受獎期限內繳交TOCFL華語文能力(進階級以上)測驗成績單予所就讀華語中心,否則將停發一個月獎學金。參加TOCFL測驗費用應自行負擔。)
  • f. Upon completion of my study program in Taiwan, I will submit a school report and my permanent residence mailing address to the Language Center where I have been enrolled in Taiwan and to the ROC Mission in my home country. (在臺學業完成後,本人須提出在學成績單與本人之永久通訊地址等資料予本人就讀之華語中心及所屬國家境內之中華民國駐外機構)
  • g. This written promise is in Chinese and English and should any conflict arise, the Chinese text will prevail. (本人瞭解此件承諾書有中文與英文二種文字對照版本,如解釋有歧異時,以中文版本為準)

3. I agree that the government of the R.O.C.(Taiwan) has my permission to check and use my personal information about applying, receiving the scholarship, and other related information which I have provided. 本人同意中華民國政府機關因執行業務需要,可蒐集、取得及使用本人所提供之個人申請及受獎相關資料。

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